Top 5 reasons why a cover letter is important

A cover letter is essential along with your CV when you apply for a job. A cover letter can make a big impact on your business. It can increase your chance of being called for an interview. These are the main reasons why a cover letter is so important.

It tells about yourself

The ‘objective’ or ‘summary’ of your resume does the same thing but in a short form. In the body of the letter, you can use enough space to describe in detail about your experience and interests. It will help the employer decide whether you will be fit for the job or not.

Demonstrate your writing skill

Resumes are written in bullet forms and short statements. A cover letter lets employer look at your writing skill which is a basic need for any job.

Opportunity for highlighting your strength

A cover letter is a perfect place to sell your strengths. You can mention about your accomplishments and talents here. You can draw the employer’s attention to some noteworthy experiences you had; for example, arranging a charity event. These add more weight to your CV.

Shows your interest about the job

Those people who submit a resume without a cover letter shows that they are not serious about the job. So, you must include a cover letter.

You can take control

At the end of the cover letter, you can mention a date and time when you can meet the employer for an interview. This throws the ball in your court.

So now you see why a cover letter is so important. In fact, you don’t have much chance to get called for an interview if you don’t have a cover letter. So, make sure that you submit a cover letter along with your resume.