5 recruitment processes employers commonly use to hire fresh graduates

Fresh graduates add creativity, new skills, and energy to a company. That’s why employers are always looking to recruit fresh graduates for to fill up their positions. Here are some common recruitment methods employers use to attract fresh graduates.

Print advertisements


These advertisements appear in national or local newspapers, magazines, bulletins, etc. You can reach huge prospective candidates through this method of recruitment. It is also possible to get candidates having specialized skills.

Internet recruiting


The advertisement is posted on the popular job sites. These job sites are very effective now in getting the right candidate. After candidates submit their CVs online, you can easily browse through their profile and CVs and shortlist the ones you want. The job sites have a set format for CV. So, you can get the important information you want regarding a candidate. It is a very cost effective way of recruiting.



It is a great way to look at a candidate’s performance on the job. Having good grades don’t mean that the person will be good at his or her job. By offering internship position, you can observe the person’s performance up close. It is a great way of hiring temporary employees also.

Recruitment agencies


These agencies have a huge database of students. They can help you choose the right candidate for your job post. They go through all the details about the candidate’s profile before shortlisting them. This saves the time of the employers in searching for a new employee.

Career fairs


This gives you the opportunity to interact informally with candidates. You will to interview lots of candidates in one day and speed up the recruitment process.

All these recruitment processes are highly effective. It helps the employers get the right candidate for their job position. The type of process they choose depends on their budget and time.