Teaching recruitment overseas is a very complex process. The job market is looking for more talents to fill the gaps in their organisations. But the demand and supply ratio are inappropriate. We are experts atĀ overseas education recruitment, we place students in multiple overseas areas. More students are graduating from universities than there are jobs available in the market. This unequal ratio has made the process of recruitment very tough and challenging.

Our strengths

We know the job market very well. Being in this business for many years, we understand what an employer is looking for. Our consultants have worked with students for years. They can tell what skills the students have and what they need to work on.

What we provide


Help students write an excellent CV and a cover letter


Give them access to hundreds of jobs available in our database


Help them match their skills with an appropriate job


Give them advice on giving a good job interview


Advise them on career development and how to perform well in the job

Arrange career fair where we help you meet the employers directly

We act as your ultimate guide to help you get a good job. We prepare you for the job market so that you can fight in this competitive market and win. We advise you on career progression as well so that once you are on the job, you can make wise decisions regarding your career. With us, you will be able to grow your career and develop professionally. We teach you how to stand out in this extremely competitive market. So, drop by our office today and learn more about our services.